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Smart Power for Construction Site


Smart Power for Construction Site

One-stop Construction Site Power Supply Service

  • Provide a single point of contact for coordinating electricity-related matters throughout the construction life cycle
  • Provide guidance notes for industry practitioners to estimate electricity demand at construction sites and optimal workflow for arranging power supplies
  • Provide packaged temporary solutions to cater for different power supply needs and construction site scenarios:
    • Power demand of 3-phase 800 A or below: supply via HK Electric's low-voltage cable(s)
    • Power demand above 3-phase 800 A: supply via HK Electric's transformer pillar(s)
  • Plan ahead for temporary and permanent power supply arrangements as early as the construction plan is submitted to the Buildings Department
  • Facilitate seamless power supply and electricity account arrangement from meter disconnection and service removal due to demolition, provision of temporary power supply for construction, through to provision of permanent power supply for completed new development
  • Provide recommendations and services for further decarbonising construction including use of renewable energy, electric vehicle, battery energy storage system and energy efficiency enhancement

Key Benefits of Construction Site Electrification

  • Reduce carbon emissions from diesel generators and diesel-driven equipment for combating climate change
  • Get rid of exhaust fumes, air and noise pollution from diesel generators/equipment for the health of site workers and neighborhood  
  • Reduce risks of fire and spillage attributable to the use and storage of diesel
  • 24/7 reliable and stable power supply
  • Save construction energy cost for diesel, diesel generator rental and operation (including the cost incurred due to diesel generator efficiency loss)
  • Earn credit points for BEAM Plus certification
  • Strengthen environmental, social and governance performance and enhance the green image of developers and construction companies

​Procedures of Applying for Power Supply for Construction Sites

Customer to 
submit service 
request form 
and provide 
information about the construction site.
HK Electric to recommend 
temporary power supply solution including services that may help customers to decarbonise.
HK Electric to
temporary power supply and provide
services to help customers decarbonise.
HK Electric to arrange 
transition to permanent power supply.


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