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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Data Centre

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Hotline: 2510 2701
Enquiry email: datacentre@hkelectric.com


Which parts of Hong Kong Island are most suitable for setting up data centres?

Industrial areas like Chai Wan, Wong Chuk Hang and Ap Lei Chau are all suitable sites.

How reliable is the power supply on Hong Kong Island?

HK Electric has been achieving a supply reliability of over 99.999%, a world-class standard maintained since 1997, and a record of unplanned Customer Minutes Lost of less than 1 minute since 2009.

Can a data centre meet the Tier 4 requirement on power supply if it is solely powered by HK Electric?

Power supply requirement for Tier 4 data centre can be fulfilled by having two power supplies from different substations of the same power company. There are already a number of high-tier data centres in Hong Kong served by one power company with two power supplies from different substations. HK Electric will arrange dual power supplies from two different substations for data centres where necessary.

When converting industrial buildings into data centres, finding enough space for transformer rooms is always a challenge. How can this challenge be overcome?

Referring to the Practice Note APP-150 on Wholesale Conversion of Industrial Buildings published by the Buildings Department, subject to conditions, redundant car parks already not accounted for gross floor area, can be considered for converting into special electrical and mechanical facilities such as transformer rooms in proposed conversion of part or whole of existing industrial buildings, including those for data centres. Please refer to the Useful Information for details.

To facilitate the conversion of existing industrial buildings into data centres, HK Electric may also provide flexible power supply solution (such as supply at 380V via our transformers, direct cable supply at 11 kV or 22 kV, etc.) to cope with site-specific requirements. Data centre project owners are welcome to contact us when they commence their projects to explore about feasible power supply arrangements.

What is the estimated lead time required for arranging an electricity supply to my data centre?

The lead time will depend on the site location, electricity demand and the capacity of power network nearby. We will arrange a site meeting within 4 working days upon receipt of power supply request, followed by recommending a preliminary supply solution with an estimated schedule.

How competitive is the electricity tariff provided by HK Electric?

When compared to other world-class cities, HK Electric's customers enjoy one of the world's most reliable electricity supply services at a competitive price. Please refer to our tariff tables (Non-Residential Tariff/Maximum Demand Tariff) for further details.

Data centres generally have mechanical and electrical installations like cooling equipment and standby generator. What are the statutory requirements in respect of these installations in Hong Kong?

The Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (BEEO) (Cap. 610) is relevant. For details of the BEEO, please refer to www.emsd.gov.hk/beeo/en/mibec_beeo.html.