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Decabonising Data Centres


Decabonising Data Centres

Smart Data Centre

In support of the 2050 carbon neutrality target set out for Hong Kong, HK Electric has various initiatives in place to decarbonise our power generation and operations, while assisting our customers and the community to do the same.

Smart Power Services

We offer a full suite of funding and service schemes/programmes to help customers and the community decarbonise, including those listed below for data centres. For more details, please refer to Smart Power Services webpage.

Smart Power Services

Key Feature

Smart Power for Construction Site

One-stop service to provide electricity for data centre construction sites to reduce carbon emission, as well as air and noise pollution from diesel generators. With this service, data centre can save energy cost, reduce emissions while earning credit points for green building certification.

Smart Power Building Fund

Subsidies for data centre building owners to implement projects to enhance energy efficiency of communal building services installation, including retrofitting, retro-commissioning and building-based smart technologies projects.

Smart Power Energy Audit

Free on-site energy audit service to help data centre operators identify energy saving potential and enhance energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient Equipment Subsidy Programme

Subsidies for installing/retrofitting energy-efficient air-conditioning equipment.

Smart Power EV Charging Solution

One-stop free service to assist customers in establishing electric vehicle charging facilities at data centres.

Feed-in Tariff Scheme

HK Electric will purchase all the electricity generated by grid-connected solar photovoltaic and wind power systems installed at data centres at higher rates compared with normal electricity tariff.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Through purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, data centre operators can use zero-carbon electricity generated from renewable energy sources for daily operations.

Smart Workplace

Handy tips for making data centre administration offices smart and green.