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Smart Power for Data Centre


Smart Power for Data Centre

​One-stop Data Centre Service

  • Provide a single point of contact for coordinating and following up on electricity-related matters throughout the data centre life cycle (design and construction, procurement, management, operation and maintenance, as well as disposal)
  • Provide site selection advice with respect to power supply arrangements
  • Recommend power grid supply solutions matching data centre tiers
  • Provide services for decarbonising data centre construction and operation

Considerations in Setting Up a Data Centre

Reliable Power Supply

As a vertically integrated power utility, HK Electric is the sole electricity provider to more than 580,000 commercial and residential customers on Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island. HK Electric has been achieving a supply reliability of over 99.999%, a world-class standard maintained since 1997.

Power Supply Arrangement Matching Data Centre Tiers

Data centres are in general categorised into 4 tiers depending on the availability of services which hinges on its design including the power supply arrangement. HK Electric can provide dual power supplies from different substations to meet the highest-tier data centre requirement. Above-ground power supply can also be arranged to address concern about flooding.

​Tier 1 ​Tier 2
Tier 3​ Tier 4
Service Availability99.671%
​Distribution Paths – Electrical Power Backbone
1​1 Active and
1 Alternate​
2 Simultaneously Active​

Decarbonising Data Centres

To help achieve Hong Kong's carbon neutrality target, data centre industry practitioners are encouraged to reduce the carbon emissions in the life cycle of data centres from design and construction, procurement, management, operation and maintenance, through to disposal as far as possible. For data centres planned for industrial buildings/lots, an Energy Saving Plan together with applications for the Government's concessionary scheme (please refer to Useful Information for more details) should be submitted. HK Electric provides a suite of Smart Power Services that helps industry practitioners devise and implement the Energy Saving Plan.

The Prime Location for Data Centres – Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong has one of the world's most sophisticated and advanced telecommunications infrastructure connected with 11 regional and trans-Pacific submarine cable systems. Three out of the 8 Cable Landing Stations and 3 main data centre clusters are located on Hong Kong Island.

Prime Location for Data Centres
Source: Developing Data Centres in Hong Kong (www.datacentre.gov.hk), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR Government

Land Use Zones for Data Centres

Data centre is classified as "Information Technology and Telecommunications Industries" (IT&T industries) use which are "Column 1" use (permitted as of right) in the following zones of Outline Zoning Plan (OZP):

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Other Specified Uses (OU) annotated "Business" ("OU(B)")*
  • OU annotated "Industrial Estates"; and
  • OU annotated "Mixed Use"**

For scenarios other than the above, proposed data centre use will require approval of planning permission application or application for amendment to the OZP from the Town Planning Board. For OZPs of Hong Kong Island, please visit Statutory Planning Portal of the Town Planning Board (go to Index > Hong Kong). For further details, please refer to the "Development of Data Centres in Hong Kong (OGCIO)" in the Useful Information.

* Industrial buildings are an important source of supply for data centre premises. In Hong Kong, most industrial buildings fall within "Industrial" or "OU(B)" zone.
** Only applicable to data centre within non-residential building in the zone or non-residential portion of composite building in the zone.

Using Industrial Buildings/Lots for Data Centres

Owners of industrial buildings, located in "Industrial", "Commercial" or "Other Specified Uses (Business)" zones, may apply for a special waiver for changing parts of eligible industrial buildings into data centre use at nil waiver fee (as illustrated in the graphic below). For further details, please refer to the "Development of Data Centres in Hong Kong (OGCIO)" in the Useful Information.

Illustration Redevelopment
Source: Developing Data Centres in Hong Kong (www.datacentre.gov.hk), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR Government

Procedures of Applying for Power Supply for Data Centres

Customers to submit service request form and provide information about data centre project.
HK Electric to provide technical advices on data centre power supply and decarbonisation arrangements.
HK Electric to arrange a site meeting within 4 working days upon receipt of power supply request.
HK Electric to provide a preliminary power supply solution with schedule and offer services for decarbonisation.
​​ ​​​