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Feed-in Tariff Scheme


​​Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Rates

FiT rates will be offered according to the generation capacity of renewable energy power systems (REPS), effective from 27 April 2022 (FAQs).

REPS capacity (kW) (Note 1) ​≤10>10 –
​>​200 –
FiT rate (HK$ per unit) (Note 2) 432.5
Smart Power Service 
1. Arrangement for REPS over 1,000 kW will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
2. One unit of electricity equals to one kWh. The rates will be reviewed between HK Electric and the Government from time to time.
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​The FiT rate will be fixed from the date when a REPS participates in the FiT Scheme throughout the project life of the REPS or until 31 December 2033, whichever is earlier.



  • A registered customer of HK Electric
  • The REPS should be a solar photovoltaic and/or wind power system installed within the area covered by the service address of the respective electricity account

Participating in the Scheme

Submit application form and technical information.
Install REPS
after obtaining
HK Electric's consent.
Perform system tests, submit results and other necessary information.
HK Electric to connect REPS to power grid and install RE meter upon satisfactory site inspection.
Receive FiT payment based on metered system output.

Customers are advised to engage qualified service providers to ensure that the design, installation, operation and maintenance of REPS comply with all applicable statutory, safety and technical requirements from time to time.

For the lists of RE equipment suppliers and installation contractors, please refer to EMSD's website at re.emsd.gov.hk or call 6395 2930.

Environmental Attributes​​

  • Upon successfully participating in the FiT Scheme, the electricity generated from your REPS and the associated environmental rights and benefits are surrendered and transferred to HK Electric
  • If you want to claim the environmental attributes (e.g. greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions reduction), you may consider to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) issued by HK Electric (please refer to details at www.hkelectric.com/REC-en)
  • Before the commencement of the FiT Agreement, you will be provided a one-time offer to purchase REC matching the full amount of electricity generated from your REPS for the duration of the FiT Agreement
  • If you decide not to take the aforementioned one-time offer, you may purchase REC at any time later through HK Electric's public offers as detailed at www.hkelectric.com/REC-en