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Smart Power EV Charging Solution


Smart Power EV Charging Solution


EV Charging Solution Service

  • Carry out site inspection on customers' power supply and metering arrangements
  • Provide historical electricity load and spare capacity data for buildings with car parking spaces, and advise on whether the capacity of the existing supply point(s) can cater for the additional load of EV charging facilities based on the number of parking spaces
  • Advise on the preliminary reinforcement work and the required facilities to be provided by the incorporated owners or management office if network uprating is required
  • Provide advice and requirements on metering arrangement and meter installation, and assist in connection of supply
  • Provide information on common EV charging solutions
  • Assist in applying for the Government's "EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme​" (the "EHSS") ​​
  • Advise on the infrastructure design 

​How to Leverage the Solution 

Customer to submit request online and provide documents required by HK Electric.
HK Electric to advise power supply and metering arrangements after site inspection (if required).
HK Electric to provide information on EV charging solution and assist* in the Government's EHSS​ application if applicable.
Customer to submit application for connection of supply, and install EV charging-enabling infrastructure and chargers.​
HK Electric to connect supply within the same day of satisfactory installation inspection.

* To confirm on power supply availability and advise on the infrastructure design.

Common EV Charging Solution​s

​​​Common EV charging solutions comprise 3 parts: 

  • EV charging-enabling infrastructure
  • EV chargers 
  • Smart features 

EV Charging-enabling Infrastructure

EV charging-enabling infrastructure refers to the power supply circuits from HK Electric's supply point(s) to EV chargers at individual car parking spaces. This typically includes switchboards, switchgears, cables, cable support systems, meters and other associated equipment.

EV Chargers

Common Charger Type​​​​​Capacity​​Time required for fully charging an EV with 40 kWh battery
​Standard1-phase 220 V AC, 13 A​10-12 hours
​Medium​1-phase 220 V AC, 32 A​6-8 hours
​Quick ​3-phase 380 V AC, 21 kW​2-3 hours
​Quick​DC 50 kW​30-40 mins​

​​Smart Features

EV charging solution/facility suppliers provide various smart features to enhance EV charging experience:​

  • Contactless EV charging payment and charger activation (e.g. via mobile app)
  • Remote booking of charger
  • Checking of charger occupancy ​
  • GPS navigation to available chargers
  • Load management of chargers to suit power supply arrangement




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