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Trainee Graduation Camp

Trainee Graduation Camp

Our mission is to invest in tomorrow's leaders, a practice rooted in our culture where learning shapes strategy and leaders are equipped and inspired to succeed now and in the future. HK Electric is dedicated to helping you grow and supporting your career development.

Investing in the future is essential to us and we develop employees at every level of their career. We offer our employees a variety of learning opportunities that will enhance their management and technical skills on the basis of their job capacity, personal capability and development potential. Different learning experiences, dynamic training programmes and on-line learning opportunities are organised to enable our people to achieve their highest potential, transforming them into the best leaders they can possibly become.

You will receive learning and development opportunities on:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Professional and Technical skills
  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Local and Overseas Executive Education
  • Individual Development Coaching

We identify talents early and groom them through a series of enriching assignments that will prepare them to take up future challenges. To ensure our long-term success, a succession planning mechanism is implemented to review the talent pipeline annually. Selected successors will be provided with assessment tools, tailor-made programmes as well as on-the-job coaching to accelerate their development. Suitable local and overseas executive education programmes may also be arranged for them to gain wider knowledge and exposure.

Nurturing Future Leadership

Our success tomorrow depends on the leaders we nurture today. We believe good leaders inspire themselves by making prudent career choices, grooming their potentials and taking on new challenges.

At HK Electric, you can make a difference in a systematic way. We are primed for offering a series of targeted learning and development programmes that are built around an in-house leadership competency framework to develop our talents at different career stages.

Leadership Competency Framework

Executive Education Programmes
To ensure sustained competitiveness and long-term development of HK Electric, we are committed to equipping our senior executives with cutting-edge knowledge and sharpening their strategic thinking and multiple perspectives. We provide local and overseas executive education programmes and workshops through collaboration with tertiary and professional institutions from time-to-time.

​Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme
Our Leadership Development Programme aims to inspire and enhance the leadership of our mid-level leaders. It is a selective approach that nurtures our talents into well-rounded business and engineering leaders that our Company needs for long-term success. A comprehensive range of development activities such as one-on-one mentoring by senior executives and individual on-the-job assignments will be arranged to prepare them to take up the senior leadership roles. They also participate in action-learning projects that develop their corporate perspectives and elevate their thinking to a more strategic level.

​Young Talent Development Programme

Young Talent Development Programme
Our Young Talent Development Programme aims to groom our first-line leaders to lead teams effectively. Leadership skills and confidence will be built through interactive and self-directed learning approach as well as a variety of activities such as experiential learning, case discussion, experience sharing, and mentoring by senior executives.

Rotational Development Programme
Our rotational development programme is to identify talented individuals with high performance and untapped leadership quality and groom them with wider functional and corporate perspectives. We invest in such individuals and develop them to succeed senior leadership roles in the long run. The programme is both rewarding and challenging. To develop the breadth and depth of their knowledge, rotational assignments and specific learning opportunities will be tailor-made to meet their development needs and enable them to gain cross-functional exposures.

Trainee and Professional Development Programmes
We provide diversified learning opportunities for our trainees under the Graduate Trainee and Trainee Technician Programmes as well as talents recruited into our Professional Development Programme to enhance their understanding of our business operations and their personal effectiveness to excel in their professional roles.

For more information of our trainee programmes, please click here.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Leaders Teaching Future Leaders

Leaders teaching future leaders

In-house educational videos on “COVID-19 Info Hub”

In-house educational videos on"COVID-19 Info Hub”

Talk on Smart City by Dr. Winnie Tang

Talk on Smart City by Dr. Winnie Tang

Interactive experiential learning

Interactive Experiential Learning

Trainee Graduation Camp

Trainee Graduation Camp