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HK Electric Pledges Full Support for 2050 Carbon Neutrality Target


HK Electric Pledges Full Support for 2050 Carbon Neutrality Target

25 Nov 2020

HK Electric welcomes the announcement today by the Chief Executive that Hong Kong will strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. A spokesman for HK Electric noted that this demonstrates the Government's commitment to combat climate change and contribute positively to global mitigation efforts. "We will offer full support and will discuss with the Government on the best way forward to introduce zero-carbon energy sources and carbon reduction technologies. We will also maintain close dialogues with our stakeholders to ensure that the needs of society are met", the spokesman said. He added that HK Electric is looking forward to the update of the "Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan" for setting a clear direction for long-term decarbonisation, which is essential for HK Electric to advance the Company's planning and commit necessary resources on time.

Meanwhile, HK Electric has been pursuing various decarbonisation initiatives, such as coal-to-gas power generation transition, introducing local renewable energy, promoting electric vehicles adoption, encouraging our customers to participate in the Feed-in Tariff scheme and other energy efficiency & conservation programmes. We expect that around 70% of our electricity will be generated from natural gas in 2023, with room for an all-gas power generation afterwards.