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Smart Power Services

Smart Power Services

Addressing the community's aspirations for cleaner air, and in support of the Government's energy and environmental policy objectives and its Climate Action Plan 2030+, HK Electric will launch a number of funding and service schemes to further encourage the use of renewable energy (RE) and promote energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C). The frameworks of the schemes, which will come into effect on 1 January 2019, are highlighted below and full details will be announced later this year.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Schemes

Hotline: 2843 3228

Enquiry email: eec@hkelectric.com

1. Smart Power Building Fund

To further encourage and help more buildings to improve the energy efficiency performance of building services installations (BSI) for communal uses (lightings, air-conditioning, electrical, lift and escalator installations), HK Electric will increase the funding size to HK$25 million per year. Buildings in HK Electric's supply area (except those directly owned and operated by the Government such as government offices) as well as projects involving retro-commissioning and building-based smart/IT technologies in addition to retrofitting of BSI will be eligible to apply.

2. Smart Power Care Fund

HK Electric will establish a new funding scheme, Smart Power Care Fund, to further promote EE&C in the community. From 2019, HK Electric will provide subsidy to the needy and disadvantaged households within HK Electric's supply area in adopting energy-efficient electrical appliances and improving electrical safety.

3. Smart Power Energy Audit

HK Electric will continue to provide free energy audit services to non-residential customers to help them identify energy saving opportunities at their business premises. Priority will be given to those customers (e.g. schools, NGOs, small and medium enterprises, etc.) who have fewer resources and/or are not statutorily mandated to carry out energy audits.

4. Smart Power Loan Fund

HK Electric in collaboration with banks will provide interest-subsidised loans to help Smart Power Building Fund and Smart Power Energy Audit participants implement energy saving initiatives.

5. Smart Power Education Fund

HK Electric will continue to operate an education fund to promote EE&C, low carbon lifestyle and the application of renewable energy, amongst students and the general public through different education and promotional activities.

Renewable Energy Schemes

Hotline: 2843 3228

Enquiry email: re@hkelectric.com

1. Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme

To encourage private-sector customers to invest in and deploy renewable energy (solar photovoltaic and wind power systems), HK Electric will establish a FiT Scheme. Under the scheme, HK Electric will purchase electricity generated from renewable sources from these customers at the Feed-in Tariff rate, which will be higher than the prevailing electricity tariff rates. Both existing and new solar photovoltaic and wind power systems within HK Electric's supply area will be eligible to apply.

2. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

HK Electric will provide RECs and invite customers to subscribe as a demonstration of their support to the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong. RECs represent the locally generated renewable energy purchased or generated by HK Electric, and will be sold at a premium on top of prevailing electricity tariff rates.

• "Smart Power Building Fund" corresponds to "New Smart Power Fund" in the "2019-2033 Scheme of Control Agreement" (termed as "SCA" below)
• "Smart Power Care Fund" corresponds to "HEC Community Energy Saving Fund" in the SCA
• "Smart Power Energy Audit" corresponds to "Energy Audit Programme" in the SCA
• "Smart Power Loan Fund" corresponds to "Energy Saving Loan Fund" in the SCA
• "Smart Power Education Fund" corresponds to “Education Fund" in the SCA

FAQs on Smart Power Services