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Relief Measures


Relief Measures

SME Caterers Bill Payment Deferral Scheme

This is one of the schemes under the "Relief Measures" which has been completed.

"Care and Share" SME Caterers Subsidy Scheme

Enquiry Hotline:2843 3228


To support the local catering industry and the underprivileged during the current economic downturn, HK Electric has launched the "Care and Share" SME Caterers Subsidy Scheme. Eligible underprivileged families are invited to make appointments with designated NGO centres to collect dining coupons worth HK$500 for consumption at SME eateries in HK Electric's supply territory. This will not only bring more business to SME eateries but benefit those in need as well.  

Due to overwhelming response, the quota of 40,000 sets has been fully-subscribed. About 70% of the eligible applicants have collected their coupons for use. However, due to the latest development of the epidemic situation and the tightening of social distancing measures by the HKSAR Government, the distribution of the remaining coupons will be postponed. HK Electric or designated NGO centres will notify those who have registered but not yet collected the coupons of the latest arrangement.

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Underprivileged Families 

Eligibility for collecting coupons

HK Electric's residential customers or households living in a sub-divided unit (SDU) in HK Electric's supply territory; and are​ beneficiary under any one of the schemes below:

    • HK Electric's Concessionary Tariff Scheme
    • HK Electric's Smart Power Care Fund
    • Comprehensive Social Security Assistance
    • Disability Allowance
    • ​Working Family Allowance
    • School Textbook Assistance
    • Community Care Fund
    • Old Age Allowance / Old Age Living Allowance
    • Senior Citizen Card


    • facing financial difficulties as recommended by ​the designated NGO or District Councillors

How to collect coupons?

To control the flow of people under the current pandemic, eligible families are required to contact one of the 23 designated NGO centres to make an appointment first.​​

Upon confirmation, they will be invited to collect dining coupons at the designated NGO centre by presenting the following documents:

  • ​2020 HK Electric's residential electricity bill original copy / SDU rental payment receipt within last 3 months
  • HKID card / Passport
Each eligible family may collect only one set of dining coupons, on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.

Make appointment first, then visit the designated NGO centre with the required documents.

Collect coupons after registration with NGO.


How to use coupons?

Each set contains 20 coupons, each worth $25. They can be used to settle food and beverage payments at designated SME eateries before 31 December 2020.

Use dining coupons at participating eateries on or before 31 December 2020.

Present and hand in dining coupons to participating eateries before settling the bill.

Eateries to scan the QR code for verification.


SME Caterers 


SME caterers within HK Electric's supply territory are welcome to participate if they:

  • Hold a valid Business Registration Certificate and Food Business Licence
  • Employ fewer than 50 persons (together with all other eateries with a common ownership) 

How to apply?

Submit application form and the required documents.

HK Electric to ​vet and approve application.

HK Electric to issue approval letter and provide scheme label.

Participating eatery to download the designated mobile application for scanning coupon QR codes.


How to collect payment?

Collect original copy of coupons from customers before settling the bill.

Scan the QR co​de on coupons for verification.

Keep the used original coupons with the corresponding transaction receipts until end of 2020.

Based on the weekly number of coupons recorded, HK Electric will disburse the corresponding subsidy amount within the next 2 weeks.


NGO Catering Subsidy Programme

Enquiry Hotline:2843 3228


HK Electric provides a subsidy* capped at $60,000 for each eligible NGO community centre operating in HK Electric's supply territory to purchase food and beverages from "Care and Share" SME caterers for activities serving underprivileged families and the needy.

* Due to overwhelming response, the programme has been fully subscribed.

Energy-efficient Equipment Subsidy​ Programme

Enquiry Hotline:2843 3228


HK Electric's non-residential customers (except temporary supply and government accounts) may apply for a capped subsidy to retrofit or install energy-efficient equipment at their ​premises.

Participating in the Programme

Eligible Equipment
Subsidy Rate and CapProcedures​

Category 1

  • LED lights

  • Window / split-type air-conditioner with Grade 1 energy label
50% of equipment net price, capped at HK$50,000
  1. ​Submit application form and the required documents AFTER installation.

  2. HK Electric to vet application and carry out sample post-installation inspection.

  3. HK Electric to disburse the subsidy to the electricity account of the successful applicant.

Category 2

High energy-efficient air-conditioning system NOT under the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labell​ing Scheme, including:
  • Air-cooled chiller
  • Water-cooled chiller
  • Variable refrigerant flow system
  • Unitary air-conditioner
50% of equipment net price, capped at HK$150,000
  1. Submit application form and the required documents BEFORE installation.

  2. HK Electric to vet application and carry out pre-installation inspection.

  3. Install equipment upon HK Electric's approval.

  4. HK Electric to disburse the subsidy to the electricity account of the applicant upon
    satisfactory post-installation inspection.


Grace Period for Customers under Non-residential Tariff

 ​This is one of the schemes under the "Relief Measures" which has been completed.


All Programmes are bound by the Terms & Conditions published on HK Electric website.




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- SME Caterers Bill Payment Deferral Scheme
- Grace Period for Customers under Non-residential Tariff
Hotline:28433228 Hotline 2843 3228
- "Care and Share" SME Caterers Subsidy Scheme
- NGO Catering Subsidy Programme
- Energy-efficient Equipment Subsidy Programme
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