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EPS 24-hour Electricity-by-Phone Service


EPS 24-hour Electricity-by-Phone Service

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Enquiry Related to Application and Inspection

1. Time of Inspection Appointment

2. Enquiry of Last Inspection

  1. Result of Last Inspection
  2. Fax Report
  3. Departure of Last Inspection

3. On-line Booking of Inspection Appointment

4. Progress of Application

Press 2

Fax Forms & Other Information

1. Fax Forms

  1. C.I.135-138
  2. C.I.139-144
  3. Other Forms (C.I.121, C.I.509, DP1)

2. Departures List

3. For Other Information

  1. Advisory Service on Voltage Fluctuation
  2. Free Energy Survey for Home
  3. Procedure for Requesting Temporary Shutdown of HEC Supply
  4. Useful Telephone No.

Press 3 

For Customer Requested Shutdown Enquiry

1. Shutdown details by fax

2. Procedure for requesting temporary shutdown of HEC supply

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