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APS 24-hour Account-by-Phone Service


APS 24-hour Account-by-Phone Service

Helpful Keys

Press 2 for English

Press 1

Account Information and Electricity Bill

1. Account Balance, Last Payment Information and Scheduled Next Meter Reading Date

2. Electricity Bill

  1. Proforma Bill by Fax*
  2. Copy Bill by Post

3. Change Bill Language

Press 2

Application Procedures and Customer Centre Information

1. Application for Supply Procedure

  1. Transfer of Account*
  2. New Supply Application*

2. Termination of Account and Deposit Refund Procedure

  1. Procedure over the Phone
  2. Procedure by Fax*

3. Customer Centre Information

Press 3 

Payment Methods and Tariffs

1. Payment Methods*

2. Tariff Information

  1. Information over the Phone
    1. Residential Tariff
    2. Non-Residential Tariff
    3. Maximum Demand Tariff
  2. Information by Fax*
    1. Residential Tariff Table
    2. Non-Residential Tariff Table
    3. Maximum Demand Tariff Table
    4. All Tariff Tables

Press 9 Return to Main Menu
Press 0 Speak to Customer Services Executives

* Also available by Fax