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The Best Energy Partner for Data Centres

The Best Energy Partner for Data Centres

The Best Energy Partner for Data Centres
The Best Energy Partner for Data Centres

Being a major financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong serves as home to regional offices of many multi-national corporations. It is also a major international trading and logistics hub, generating great demand for reliable data centre facilities and services to support business growth in mainland China and other parts of the region.

Hong Kong is an ideal location for such data centres as it has various advantages:

  • Robust Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • World-Class Supply Reliability
  • Free from Natural Disasters
  • Proximity to China
  • Demand for Data Centre Services
  • Free Flow of Information
  • Protection of Data Privacy
  • IT Talent Pool
  • Mature and Stable Business Environment

According to "The Global Competitiveness Report 2015–2016" published by the World Economic Forum, Hong Kong is highly rated on its global competitiveness and is among the top three in the Asia Pacific region. It tops the infrastructure pillar, with its quality of electricity supply also ranked second in the world.

When it comes to the establishment of proper facilities, Hong Kong is also among the top three in the Asia Pacific region as one of the most suitable place for setting up data centres, followed by Japan (13th), Australia (21th), Malaysia (24th), Thailand (28th), Indonesia (33th), China (35th) and India (36th). This is according to the "Data Centre Risk Index 2016" of Cushman & Wakefield.”

Why Hong Kong Island ?

Hong Kong Island embraces the city's bustling Central Business District and other key commercial areas. It is also the prime location for:

  • Government headquarters and other buildings
  • Major investment / commercial banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Telecommunication and IT companies
  • Headquarters / branches of multi-national corporations
  • Retail companies

  • Setting up your data centres on Hong Kong Island will earn you the advantages of close proximity to the heart of the metropolitan city where business is wholly concentrated.

    Moreover, it is highly desirable for high-tier data centres to be provided with a back-up site(s) at a separate location from the primary site so as to reduce the impact from unexpected incidents. Hong Kong Island could be an ideal choice of location for those with their primary sites elsewhere.

    With Hong Kong Island being the ideal choice for you to set up your business, HK Electric (the sole power supplier) will therefore be your best energy partner.

    Why HK Electric ?

    The Best Energy Partner for Data Centres

    Serving the city for more than a century, HK Electric is one of the world's longest established utility companies and is the sole electricity supplier to Hong Kong and Lamma Islands.

    The company has invested in a state-of-the-art transmission and distribution system (which is mostly underground), making it less vulnerable to external factors such as lightning and adverse weather. To maintain our first class supply reliability, we have adopted advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems round the clock at our System Control Centre, as well as a robust year-round preventive maintenance regime.

    As a world-class power company, HK Electric has maintained a safe and reliable electricity supply over the years:

    • An excellent track record of supply reliability rating of more than 99.999% since 1997. In 2015, each of our customer experienced only an average of 0.6 minutes of unplanned supply interruption.
    • World-class power quality with a sound record of voltage dip performance index
    • Reasonable and affordable tariffs

    Government Support

    It has always been a challenge for data centre operators to identify suitable sites or premises in Hong Kong for their business. To facilitate this, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (referred as "Government") has introduced a number of measures:

    Revitalization of Industrial Buildings

    Incentives that have been provided for the conversion of industrial buildings into data centres, include:

    • The waiver fee for changing part of eligible industrial buildings into data centre use will be exempted
    • The Government will assess (based on the actual development and the high-tier data centre use) the premium for lease modification of such industrial lots.

    To benefit from these measures, applicants are required to submit valid applications to relevant Government Departments. These measures will continue after 31 March 2016 until further notice is made by the Government.

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