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One Stop Service for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)


One Stop Service for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Enterprise Advisor Service

Enterprise Advisor Service

As a caring organisation and to facilitate the conduct of business of SMEs in Hong Kong, we provide a comprehensive range of value-added services to them, covering one stop service to expedite business start-up by SMEs and other electricity and tariff advisory services.

We value every contact with SMEs and strive to design the most appropriate services for them. Therefore we actively listen to their needs via after-service survey, regular seminars and guided tours to our demonstration centres for the SMEs.

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Business Start-Up

  • Enterprise Advisor Service
  • Pre-Check on New Customer Installation
  • List of Registered Electrical Contractors for SMEs' reference
  • Online 1.5 hour Time-band for Inspection Appointment to all Commercial/Industrial Customers
  • Exclusive Email Contact for SMEs  

Energy Management

  • Tariff Advisory Service
  • Load Profile Advisory Services for Installations above 125A
  • Smart Power Services

Apart from business start-up and energy management opportunities, we also provide advisory services to the SMEs to help them understand the scope of involvement in meeting the legislative requirements on installation testing and maintenance. Furthermore, we would help to interpret the defect reports of periodic inspection for SMEs and evaluate the associated rectification work prepared by their REC/REW.