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Business Start-Up

Technical Advisory Services

Technical Advisory Services

Enterprise Advisor Service

The "Enterprise Advisor" service is available at our Customer Centre, providing our SME customers and their electrical contractors with advice on application for new or additional supply, energy efficiency and safety, power quality issues and account matters, all under one roof. This one-stop service can help to speed up the provision of electricity supply to the SMEs for the start-up of their business.

Pre-Check on New Customer Installation

While the electrical installation works are still under process by the registered electrical contractor/registered electrical worker (REC/REW), the SME can simply request a pre-check on the new customer installation, if they have any concern or queries on the electrical installation. Our inspection staff would provide on-spot advice so that the REC/REW could solve any problems identified well in advance of the actual inspection.

List of Registered Electrical Contractors for SMEs' reference

We publish a list of REC for SMEs in viewing that they may have difficulty in sourcing a REC to carry out the electrical installation works for their new shops/offices.

Online 1.5 hour Time-band for Inspection Appointment to all Commercial/Industrial Customers

As the majority of the commercial/industrial customers are SME and to facilitate them to better manage their time during the business start-up period, we will extend the service of online 1.5 hour time-band for inspection appointment to all commercial/industrial customers. With this service, customers can book their desired time-band and confirmed immediately when making the inspection appointment.

Exclusive Email Contact for SMEs

A separate email contact sme-services@hkelectric.com is set-up for SME customers as a direct contact point.

If you are thinking of setting up a business in Hong Kong Island, please click here to learn more about HK Electric supply network, reliability of electricity supply, power quality and application for electricity supply.