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Residential Tariff

(For Consumption in 2023)

1. The Residential Tariff applies to residential customers where electricity is used solely for residential purposes.

2. This Tariff is based on monthly meter readings. "Month" means a period of approximately one month between one normal meter-reading and the next.

3. This Tariff will be the aggregate of the following items:

(i) Basic Charge

  • For connection to supply, consumption in a month will be charged in accordance with the following Block Rate Tariff Table:

Consumption (In Blocks)

Rate (cents/unit)

For each of the first 150 units


For each of the next

150 units (151 - 300)


200 units (301 - 500)


200 units (501 - 700)


300 units (701 - 1,000)


500 units (1,001 - 1,500)


From 1,501 units and above


If the consumption period covered is less than a month, the following charges will be made:
- If the period exceeds 15 days, the above Block Rate Tariff Table will apply.
- If the period is 15 days or less, the units will be charged in blocks at half the size of the blocks in the above Block Rate Tariff Table.

(ii) Fuel Clause Charge (FCC)

  • FCC will be adjusted on a monthly basis to reflect changes in the cost of fuels consumed for generation of electricity in a timely manner. For details, please click here.

Year 2023





FCC (cents/unit)





4. The Minimum Charge per bill is $18.8.

5. Special Electricity Subsidy - Customers with consumption not more than 300 units in a month are entitled to receive subsidy of 9.5 cents per unit.

6. Super Saver Discount - Customers with consumption not more than 100 units in a month are entitled to receive 5% discount.

7. Customers under Concessionary Tariff Scheme for the Elderly / Disabled / Single-Parent Families / Unemployed are entitled to receive 60% discount for the first 200 units of electricity consumed in a month plus the exemption of the payment of deposit and Minimum Charge. The "Super Saver Discount" is also applicable to customers under the Concessionary Tariff Scheme.

8. "Unit" means one kilowatt hour of electricity.

9. Relief and subsidy provided by the Government:
(i) Electricity Charges Relief Scheme - $50 per month
(ii) Electricity Charges Subsidy Scheme - $80 per month between June 2022 and April 2023, $120 for May 2023 with total of $1,000

Effective Date: 1st January 2023