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Illustration of Bill Information - Maximum Demand Tariff (Normal Bill)


Illustration of Bill Information - Maximum Demand Tariff (Normal Bill)

Illustration of Bill Information - Maximum Demand Tariff (Normal Bill)

  1. Customer Address
    Correspondence address and service address (if it is the same as the correspondence address).
  2. Service Address
    If the correspondence address is the same as the service address, the service address will not be shown here.
  3. Period of Consumption
    The period of consumption covered by the bill.
  4. Meter Reading
    Meter reading taken during regular meter reading.
  5. Maximum Demand
    The Maximum Demand is expressed in kVA. The demand is recorded by a Maximum Demand Meter and averaged over a period of 30 minutes. The Maximum Demand is the largest 'demand' value occurred in the billing period.
  6. Consumption
    Consumption = (Present meter reading) – (Previous meter reading)
    "Unit" means one kilowatt hour of electricity.
  7. Demand Charge
    Demand Charge = Maximum Demand in kVA x Maximum Demand tariff rate
  8. Basic Charge
    Basic Charge = Units consumed x tariff rate (Please click here for "Maximum Demand Tariff Table")
  9. Fuel Clause Charge (FCC)
    FCC will be adjusted on a monthly basis to reflect changes in the cost of fuels consumed for generation of electricity in a timely manner. For details, please click here.
  10. Current Month Charge
    The charge of the current month.
  11. Account Summary
    A summary of the account details from the previous bill to this bill.

  12. Please Pay This Amount
    Total amount which is payable by the customer.
  13. Due Date
    The bill must be settled on or before the due date.

  14. Message to Customers
    Provide more information, such as our new services, environmental conservation and tips on efficient use of electricity.

  15. FPS QR Code
    Customers can use the mobile apps of Faster Payment System (FPS) participating banks and stored value facilities (SVF) operators to scan the FPS QR code on the bill to make payment. (Please refer to Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited website for details.)