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Group Billing Service

Terms and Conditions Governing Group Billing Service

Customers with more than five accounts registered under the same account name can choose to receive a consolidated monthly bill statement by registering with our "group billing" service.



Customers who have at least 5 electricity accounts in the same name of the registration.


Application for/ Termination of group billing service or addition/deletion of any individual/group bill account must give at least one month advance notice by filling in the Online Form, or download the Group Billing Service Application Form for completion.


If the registered name of individual account is different from the registered name of the group bill account, the application will only be accepted after the completion of the transfer of account to the registered name of the group bill account.

Group Billing Process


All accounts are billed up to a pre-determined cut-off date, on actual and projected electricity charges.


Projected consumption of individual account is computed from the present reading date to the cut-off billing date on the basis of average daily consumption derived from the previous 2 meter readings. Any difference with the actual readings will then be reconciled in the following bill. Projected charges and actual charges will be stated separately in the group bill. For maximum demand accounts, no projection is made for maximum demand (kVA).


All charges of individual accounts are consolidated in one group bill account. The group bill is the arithmetic sum of the charges of individual accounts and no change is made to the applicable tariff rates.


Minimum charge is still applicable to individual accounts.


An independent account no. will be assigned for each group bill account. A group bill together with the billing details of the group bill will be provided to customer.


Billing details of the group bill are shown in an electronic file or a hard copy and bills for individual accounts will not be issued.



The group bill account must be settled on or before the due date. Payment of account received by the Company after the due date will be subject to a surcharge of 5% of the original amount due.


Electricity supply to all individual accounts will be disconnected if payment is not received by the deadline notified to the customer.

Global Deposit for Group Bill Account


Deposit of individual accounts will be consolidated under the group bill account.


The global deposit will be reviewed from time to time to determine its adequacy.

Compliance with Requirements for HEC Supply Rules


The customer is bound by and shall abide by the requirements of the Company's Supply Rules as may be revised from time to time.

Dispute on Accounts


The total charge of the group bill shall still be settled on the due date as shown on the group bill. Adjustment of account, if any, will be made in the subsequent group bill.


Individual accounts in dispute will be excluded for billing from the next group bill until they are resolved.