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HK Electric Investments is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of openness, probity and accountability. Our Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing Procedure provide the reporting channels and guidance for employees of the Group and those who deal with the Group, e.g. customers, suppliers, contractors, creditors and debtors, to report to the Company any suspected violation of the Code of Conduct or impropriety, misconduct or malpractice within the Group.  

Reports should be provided in writing or verbally to the Head of Internal Audit via the following whistleblower channels:

> By phone: (852) 2843 3266;
> By email: whistleblower@hkelectric.com; or
> By post: Head of Internal Audit, 10/F Hongkong Electric Centre, 44 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong.

All reports will be treated confidentially, save in the particular circumstances specified in the Code and the Procedure above.