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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

CSR policy

We are committed to operating our business in a responsible and transparent manner while meeting the long-term energy needs of the community we serve.

Underpinned by our core values, we aim to be a good corporate citizen supporting the sustainable development of the community; a world-class energy supplier providing safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly electricity supply to our customers; and an employer of choice that attracts and develops talents.

To accomplish this, we integrate CSR considerations in our operations, engage with and create shared value for our stakeholders and will:


trive to achieve a high standard of corporate governance and disclosure;


nderstand and address customer needs through innovative and caring services and protect personal data privacy;


ecure a stable return and deliver long-term values for our investors;


reasure planet Earth by minimising the environmental impact of our operations and combating climate change;


ssist employees to develop continuously in an engaged workplace and care for them and their families;


nfluence our business partners to adhere to a high standard of integrity; encourage and guide our suppliers and contractors to follow our requirements in various dimensions including ethical, human and labour rights, health and safety, and environmental performance; and


urture a caring culture in society by supporting and contributing to community investment.