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HK Electric is proposing to build an Offshore Wind Farm in Hong Kong near Lamma Island. The proposed project will be located at a 600-hectare site about 4 km southwest of Lamma Power Station featuring 13 to 19 wind turbines, each being 8 to 12 MW. The total generating capacity of around 150 MW is expected to produce around 400 million units of electricity per year, adequate for annual consumption of about 120,000 households in Hong Kong (based on 275 units a month). This is equivalent to around 4% of the Company's annual electricity output.

The project's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report was approved by the Environmental Protection Department on 14 May 2010 and the Environmental Permit was granted on 8 June 2010. The Application for Variation of Environmental Permit (VEP) was also approved on 5 May 2022.

HK Electric had been collecting wind data in the selected site for many years.  According to findings by independent consultant after reviewing the recent data, the selected site has sufficient wind resources with an average wind speed of about 7.1 metres per second, which is higher than the average wind speed recorded by the HK Observatory at the Waglan Island Meteorological Monitoring Station. This makes the selected site an ideal location for wind farm development. 

This website aims to provide information on the project background, EIA study, EM&A information and relevant documents of the Stakeholder Liaison Group set up particularly for the project. HK Electric will continue to engage major stakeholders in the process and we welcome any feedback or suggestions from the community at large.





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