How to Pay Bill

How to Pay Bill

How to Pay Bill



Upon successful application for the following autopay services, your monthly bill will be paid automatically by debiting your bank account or credit card account on the eighth working day from the meter reading date.

   Via Savings or Current Accounts

  1. Customers with savings or current accounts with any bank in Hong Kong can pay bills via autopay. Please complete the Direct Debit Authorization Form and return to our Customer Centre
  2. Domestic customers with savings or current accounts with any designated banks in Hong Kong can simply authorize autopay by calling 2887 3411.
  3. The authorization process takes about three weeks.

   Via American Express Card

  1. Customers holding American Express Card can settle their electricity bills by autopay via the card accounts. 
  2. For registration, please call American Express Customer Service Hotline according to the telephone no. printed on the back of American Express Card.


  1. PPS user can pay the bill through a touch tone phone by calling 1806031 or 18031 (Merchant Code: 03), by Internet ( or Smartphone App "PPS on Mobile".
  2. Simply bring your ATM card to the nearby PPS Registration Terminals to register as a PPS user.
  3. For enquiries, please call 2311 9876.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

  1. You may settle your bill at the Hongkong Bank / Hang Seng Bank ATMs labelled with 'Bill Payment Service' and JETCO ATM labelled with 'JET PAYMENT'.
  2. Upon successful completion of the transaction, a receipt will be issued on the spot for reference and record.
  3. For enquiries, please call 2887 3411 during office hours.
Internet payment

Internet Payment

  1. You may pay your bill on the Internet via the following channels:
    • PPS by Internet ( or Smartphone App "PPS on Mobile" after registering as a PPS user and setting up a PPS Internet Password.
    • online@hsbc ( if you are the registered user of the HSBC's Internet Banking.
    • Hang Seng e-Banking Services ( if you are the registered user of the Hang Seng Personal e-Banking or Hang Seng Business e-Banking.
    • JET Payment ( if you are the registered user of the JETCO member bank's i-Banking service, choose your bank and enjoy online payment service. 
    • Internet banking services provided by other banks in Hong Kong. For details, please check with your banks directly.
  2. For enquiries, please call 2887 3411 during office hours.

In Person

  1. Pay in cash, by cheque* or by American Express Card at Customer Centre
  2. Post Offices (except mobile Post Offices) -  Pay in cash or by cheque*
  3. Counter of The Bank of East Asia - Pay in cash or by cheque*.
  4. Bank of China Hong Kong Cheque Deposit Machine – Pay by cheque*. Enter ' Account No.' as 'Payment Reference'.
  5. 7-Eleven, Circle K, VanGO Convenience Stores or CRVanguard Superstores/ CRVanguard Shops - Pay in cash. The maximum amount per transaction is $5,000.
By mail

By Mail

Mail a cheque* to G. P. O. Box 6600 Hong Kong, together with the lower portion of the bill.

*Crossed cheque made payable to "The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd." Please also mark your account number on the back of the cheque.